Be there by experiencing an exact, interactive 3d digital replica that just feels like you have been transported directly to the building. Scan to CAD/BIM & Hololens mixed reality services.

Utilizing state of the art geo-located Lidar & spherical image technology, Contoured is able to create accurate, real life floor plans, indoor maps and virtual building models including all its interior construction and contents, mechanical equipment, furniture, stairs, desks, doors, etc.

From the Reality Capture a BIM (Building Information Model) can be created facilitating energy analysis, faster cost estimating and bidding, promoting integration from design to construction to facility management.




Many of our Architect clients elect to have us create a Building Information Model (BIM) that can be imported directly to AutoDesk REVIT, AutoCAD, or ArchiCAD. We can also provide scans that can be directly imported to Bentley, Rhino, Solidworks, EdgeWise, SketchUp and others.

For those who want to control the modeling process themselves we can provide the "point cloud" file and spherical imagery for self modeling.

Models can also be used in IWMS or CAFM systems, such as Archibus, FM Systems, Manhattan and others.



Our state-of-the-art indoor mobile scanning technology is capable of capturing staggering detail at extremely high speeds. We are able to collect data up to ten times (10X) faster than traditional stationary scanning methods.

The speed of capture allows us to complete area analysis reports 5-10 times faster than traditional methods, exceeding due diligence and contingency requirements for quick turn around.

We are also able to capture building portfolios and campuses for facility management and CAFM systems in a very short amount of time.

Our Scan to CAD times are unrivaled throughout the industry.